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Experiential pop-up camping.

Escargoo is a flat pack, two-person portable sleeping unit, capable of being installed and used virtually anywhere. It’s deployed where temporary, pop-up accommodation is required and inflates in a matter of minutes.


A snail shaped exterior provides durability against the elements whilst a cocoon-like internal environment ensures a good nights sleep. Using minimal materials in its construction, all the design details and materials have been resolved to find the best balance between function and aesthetic form. Escargoo’s exterior is constructed from panels of heavy duty rip-stop nylon that are sewn together and then taped internally for extra water resistance. The cells are inflated through a pressurised umbilical cord, capable of feeding multiple pods.

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The new way to
camp connected.

Escargoo is versatile and (dependent on quantities) can be arranged to suit a multitude deployment scenarios. One Escargoo can be used in isolation, but when arranged linearly, in a curved cluster or in a polar array (as pictured in a group of 6) they can create nomadic communities.

An arrangement of 6 Escargoo can be deployed (including removal from packing bags, layout and inflation) in approx. 30 minutes. Deflation and repacking for the same quantity is estimated at 1 hour (including the removal of ground sheet for servicing).  In accordance with the host venue’s health and safety regulations, a backup power supply will be on standby in the event of primary power failure. Short-term battery backup power can also be supplied.

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