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99% air

100% reusable

Our Story & Inflate

The art of lightweight design

Born from years of experience designing and making inflatables, air.air is the latest incarnation of the long- standing design agency Inflate. Our products are used across a whole spectrum of industries and follow a unique set of rules when it comes to design, manufacturing and engineering. Specialising in pneumatic architecture for the home, office and events, air.air aims to re-establish inflatables as practical, beautifully simple products with a minimalist aesthetic.

Inflate Studio

An award winning design and production consultancy offering unabashed, spirited answers to client briefs. Inflate's priority is innovation, helping clients to recognise the benefit of creative ideas and outcomes, in lieu of adopting standard commercial solutions. Through the design and production of Inflate’s own-brand product line, the team has acquired an in-depth, practical understanding of taking projects from concept through to production and delivery.


View Inflate's Portfolio here.

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